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・Introduction & Welcome・The Two Primary Meanings of Digging・Aesthetics・What is your Quality?・Timing・Sensitivity・Allowing Unexpected Response・Listening・Shared Experience・Learning from Un-Liked Sounds・Clues in Soundwork・Mallet-Interactions with Vibrational Modes of Gong・Breaking-In Gongs Outdoors・Variables in Gong Tone・ 


・Therapeutic Soundwork・One-on-One Approaches・Methods・Techniques・Practices・Instrument Applications・Traditional vs. Modern Approaches・Messages from the SoundScape・Visions & Non-Ordinary States・Personal Histories & Development of Sound Practices・Phases of a Sound Session・ Calling People Back・Silence & the Pregnant Pause・ 


・Good Teachers・Responsibilities of the Student・Wisdom through Direct Experience・Non-Ordinary Sources of Sonic Inspiration・Learning from Beginners・Opening the Flow of New Knowledge by Sharing Freely・Zen Training・Non-Human Teachers・Nature・Learning Directly from Instruments・Nurturing Relationships with Teachers・Ancient Sources of Knowledge・ Responsibility of Musicians ・Online / Virtual Sound Therapy・Origins of Reiki・Power of Challenging Experiences・Being a Conduit・ 


・The Roles of Math in Soundwork・Rhythmic Structures・Tuning Intervals・Beat Frequencies・Harmony・Consonance & Dissonance・Pushing Musical Boundaries・Wave Summation & Beating・Octaves・Origin of Planetary Tuning・Ionosphere & Schumann Resonance・Ancient & Traditional Therapeutic Uses of Instruments・Ancient Traditions・Linear-Reductionist Approaches vs. Non-Linear Holistic Approaches・Direct Experiential Study・Effects of Body Rhythms & Positions・Ancient Texts on Sound & Music Therapy・Wholeness・ 


・Integration of Breath in Soundwork- for Player & Recipient・Qi Gong & Breath as Central Integrator of Self・Attention-Qi Relationship・Sound Therapy as Applied Qi Gong・Running & Breath・Synchronization of Breath in Various Activities・Breath & Heart Rate Variability Coherence・Traditional Breath Exercises for Meditation Preparation・Heart Fields & Interpersonal Connections・Establishing Trust in Soundwork・Working with Negative Reactions in Group Sound Sessions・Kriyas & False-Kriyas in Sound Sessions・”Little Death” Experiences・Cycles: Ubiquitous in Every Domain・Pendulum Motion of Gong as Groove Metronome・Room Acoustics: Reflection, Absorption, Diffusion, & Sound Coloration・Visualizing Sound Waves in a Gas・ 


・Wave Interference- Constructive & Destructive・Harmonics in 1-Dimensional Wave-Reflection Spaces・Spectral / Frequency Analysis of Human Voice・Vocal Harmonics・Space of Sound- Moving Through Modes of the Instrument・Instrument Timbre & Interpersonal Connections・Timbre, Articulation, & Quality・Role of Mallets in Musical Articulation・Spectral Analysis of Himalayan Bowls・Relationship of Human Voice to Harmonic & Inharmonic Instruments・Sonic Similarity of Crystal Bowls & Tuning Forks・”Imperfections” or Unique Variations in Himalayan Bowls・Metallurgical Traditions for Himalayan Bowls・Comparing Various Aspects of Crystal & Himalayan Bowls・Beat Frequencies in Rich Sound Textures・Sound Effects of Various Mallet Geometries & Techniques・”Grip & Slip” Explanation of Friction Mallet Action・Vibrational Modes of a Membrane & Interaction with Mallet・Experimental Music, Minimalism, & Sound Therapy・ 


・The Soundscape・Primary Domains of Soundscape・Soundscape & Meaningful Personal Experiences・R. Murray Schafer & Acoustic Ecology・The Soundscape Project・Pauline Oliveros & Deep Listening・Special Acoustic Spaces・Therapeutic Effects of Natural Sounds & Forest Immersion・Ear Training in Nature・”Softening” into “Non-Musical” Sonic Environment・Redefining “Noise”・WindWands・Bullroarers in Healing Traditions・”A Day in the Life of a Soundscape”・Polyrhythm in the Soundscape・Spectral Analysis of: White, Pink, & Brown Noise, Water Sounds, Didjeridu, Various Gong Strikes Flumi Rubs・ 


・Friction Mallet Demonstration・”Grip & Slip”- Basic Physics of Friction Mallets・Sound Field Around the Gong・Mike’s Recommendations for Friction Mallet Brands・Basic Physics of Sound Field around a Gong・Tactile Experience with the Gong Field・Hearing in Dreams・Travelling Sound into Other Dimensions・Singing Along with Instruments・Vibrational Modes & Dimensions・Life of Pythagoras・Mystery Schools・Key Persons in World History of Music / Sound Therapy・ 


・Information Theory・Surprise & Soundwork・Shannon Information / Entropy of Simple Coin Toss ・Trance ・Attention・Time・Indigenous Science・The Kybalion・Research・Third Man Factor・Binaural Beats・Disorientation・Dissociation・Ganzfeld Protocol・Neuroscience・Cymatics・Divination・Self Experimentation・Sensory Deprivation・Mirror Meditation・Brion Gysin’s Dream Machine・Non Ordinary States・No Silence・Inner Listening・The Mind’s Eye・Drone Music・Octaves・Stretching the Ear・The Effect on the Listener’s Experience・Working・Beating Patterns・White Noise・Frequency・Holograms・Information Capacity・Bandwidth・Dimensions・Spatial Listening・Skillful Playing・Psychoacoustics・Emotions & Music・Sonic Palette・Ratios・Aristoxenus・Leaning In・Pointing of the Mind・Seeking A Teacher/The Role of the Teacher・Intimacy・Attention・Pratyahara・Altered States・ 


・Attention・Space・Body Space・Qi Gong・Cartesian Graph・Dimensions・Directionality・Senses & Safety・Intuition・Sensitivity・Inner Listening to Internal Sounds・Yoga Nidra・Structuring the Soundscape・Sound Sustaining & Decaying・Tuning・Surprise・The Sonic Field・Concentration・Shaktipat・Attention & Sleep・Consciousness & Unconsciousness・Chakra Tone Study・Physical Awareness of Sound・Common Misunderstandings in the field of Sound Healing・Disempowering the Listener・Feeling Sound・Having Your Own Experience・Discernment・Misunderstandings Related to the Chakras・Singing Bowls・Chakra Traditions & Origins・Theosophy・C W Leadbeater・Placebo Effect・Octaves・Frank Perry・Problems in the Field of Sound Therapy・Self Study・Mistakes as a Teacher・Direct Experiences・Kundalini Yoga・Preconceived Biases & Notions・Live Music in Yoga Classes・Meditation・Aesthetics・”The Is”・Correspondence・Mitch Travels to India・The Three Gunas・Comparative Sound Work・The Effect of Ragas & Time Of Day・Culturalism・Placebo・Wisdom Coming Through Practice・Reevaluating Self Study・The Attention of the Practitioner・Reading the Soundscape・Curiosity・Plato and Socrates・Attention Span・The Big Question Mark・ 


・Biofield・Valerie Hunt・Rosalyn Bruyere・Koshas・Using Tuning Forks Around the Body・Grounding・Prana・Safety, Vulnerability & Openness in Sound Session・Redefining the Language Around the Biofield・What is a Field?・Aura・Synesthesia・Reading People・Reconsidering the Word Energy・Qi・A New Philosophy of Harmony・The Unknown・Dismantling Biases・What is Consciousness?・Reading the Soundscape・Reflections on a Private Session・The Third Man・The Art of Good Timing・Richness・Hermann Hesse  - Siddhartha・Spiritual Arrogance・Projection・Non-Conceptual Domains・Perception・Subtlety & Nuance・Improvisational Music・Interpreting Experiences・Being a Guide・Protocols・Rituals・ 


・Chaos Theory・Predictability・Reflections on a Sound Session・Gong Use in Concentration Camps・Stress & Mental Issues・Acousmatic Theory・Tension・Ritual・Bonpo Shang・Rituals Not Going Right・Mantras・Shamanism・Group Sound Session・Improvisation・Having Music Flow Through You・Listening・Considering the Listener・Reading the Room・Themes・Fearlessness in the Soundscape・Composition・Altered States・The Therapeutic Container・Intuition・Gong Culture・James Brown・Boundary Conditions・Resonance・String Physics Analogy ・Beginnings & Endings・Holograms・Charisma・Recognizing Your Weaknesses・Musical Connections・Silence・Simple Motion・Funk・Relaxation Waves・Traditional Instruments・ 



・Pythagoras・Music, Mathematics, & Religion・Music as Medicine・Universe as Monochord・Music of Spheres & Diatonic Scale・All Has a Voice・Music & Architecture・Teaching through a Veil・Mystery Schools・Remembering & Preserving Knowledge・ 


・Time, Frequency, Probability, Information, Memory, & Language・Traditional Use of Dialogue Format・Scribes・Importance of Direct Experience・Acousmatic Theory・Psychological Time・Pierre Schaeffer- Treatise on Musical Objects・Experimental Music & Film・Being In the Sound・Losing Time・Going Beyond the Tone・Misinformation & “Crystal” Singing Bowls・ 


・Repetition・Power of Rhythm・Looping・Trance・Mantra・Funk・Bypassing the Mind・Groove・Shamanism・Shamanic Drumming・Binaural Beats・Third Man Factor・Acoustic Hypnosis・Drum Circles・Yantra Gazing Meditation・Time Consciousness・Fire Gazing・Daily Practices・Building Practice Patterns・Becoming Master of One Thing・Quieting the Monkey Mind・Entry Points・Mantra as “Mind Tool”・”Carving” New Neural Pathways・ 


・Worldviews・Mind-Matter Dualism・Cycle-Centric Worldviews・Cycles & Circles・Playing as Thinking・Cycles & Goddess・Mantras & Repetition・Finding the time for Practice・Playing & Experimentation in Composition・Importance of Play・Writing on Stones・HipHop & Graffiti・Cycles in Gong Playing・From Silence to Silence・Beginning & Entry Points・Seeing Yourself Doing Something Different・Breaking Personal Cycles・Pregnant Pause・Concert as a Single Cycle・Listening to the Sound of Silence・Soundwork as Leading or Drawing the Listener・Perfuming with Sound・Simplicity・Restorative Acoustical Presentation・Acoustical Meditation・Sense of Safety & Deep Relaxation・Acoustical Weaving / Knitting / Layering / Painting / Building・Creating the Entry Point for Dialogue・Musical Life-Path・DIY・Awkward Silence・ 


・EthnoMusicology・Roots・Mike’s Musical History・Library of Congress & Online Music Research Resources・Over-Emphasis of Western Systems in Music Therapy・Weaknesses as Strengths・Following Our Bliss・Nurturing Our Unique Gifts・Raw & Feeling Music・Exploring Unfamiliar Musical Forms・Overview of World Sound Therapy Culture・Using Few & Many Instruments・Power of Unknowing・Knowledge & Courage to Have Direct Experience・Direct Experience as Gateway to Wisdom・ 


・History & Variations of Chakra Systems・Primary “Neo-Tantric” Sources・Traditional Tantric vs. “Neo-Tantric” Chakra Systems・5 Koshas・3 Gunas・Arabic & Vedic Music Therapy Traditions・Qi Gong・Tactile Sound Therapy・Timbre / Sound Color・Emotions・Instrument Choice in Therapeutic Contexts・Mixing Instruments・Timing・Drone・  


・Vocal Harmonics- Practice & Analysis・Voice in Soundwork・Harmonic Series・Harmonic vs. Inharmonic Sounds・Tuvan & Mongolian Singing・Bönpo Traditions・Noise・ASMR・Fractal Structures in Natural Sound・Tactile Sound・Arrangements of Sound in Space・Volume & Dynamics・Asking New Questions・Body Motion in Playing・Gong Composition・ 


・Wisdom & the Power of Ignorance・Improvisation・Direct Transmission・Observer Effect・McGurk Effect・Color-Sound Relationships in Various Traditions・Models & Frameworks・Synesthesia・Imagination・Acoustic vs. Synthetic Sounds・Color & Light Therapy・Placebo・Sound Therapy & Reduced Inhibition of Natural Self-Healing Capacities・Integrative Medicine・Death・ 


・Death & Soundwork・Tibetan Book of the Dead・Tibetan Death Traditions・The Great Time・Fetal / In-Utero Hearing・Time Distortion・Swarm Intelligence・Non-Ordinary States・Set & Setting・Letting Go・Fear of the Unknown・Spectral Analysis of Gong, Bowl, & Tuvan Overtone Singing・Finding your Tonal Center・ 


・Recommended Books・Bonpo Shang Musical Instruments・Traditional Stories of Subtle Energetic Lifeforms・Online Research Tactics・ArchaeoAcoustics・Acousmatic Theory・Cymatics・Pierre Schaeffer・Ernst Chladni & Chladni Patterns/Figures・Vibrations of Gong Seen Via High Frame-Rate Video・Cymatics Demonstration・Various Approaches to Sound & Music・Changing One’s Musical Direction・Announcing Season 3 & Gong Week・ 


・Self-Made Delusions & Making It Fit・The Culture of Instant Experts・Sonocytology & the Sound of Cells・Starving Artists・Comfort with Unknowing・Freedom in Humility・ Clarifying Harmonics vs. Overtones・Overtones & Harmonics in Gong Sounds・Similarities in Sounds of Different Instruments・The Sound-Itself vs. the Sound-Making Object・Sufi Understanding of Sound’s Effects・Hazrat Inayat Khan・Student & Absorption・Divine Monarch Syndrome & Spiritual Cults・Sound-Induced Sudden Awakenings & Rememberings・ 


・Quality of Teachers・Quality of Teachings・Keys to Learning: Conduct & Attitude・Bodhicitta: The Best Attitude・Genuinely Good Teachers & Delayed-Onset Lessons・Entry Points & Absorption・Dynamics・Dimensions in Sound Work・How the Room Behaves Acoustically・Gong Whisper Technique & Practice・Attack・The Future of Sound Work・Intention・Fortification of Will is the Engine Behind Intention・Razors in Spiritual Practice・ 


・Special Guest- Michael Bettine・How MB was Led to the Gong・Working with Time・Playing Extra Slowly・Altering Time Perception・Link of Memory & Sound・Musical Hooks in Gong Music・Freedom from the Drum Throne・Gong as a Portal・Differences Between Gong & Drum Meditation・Mythology・Elements in Composition- Earth, Air, Fire, Water・Pointers for Gong Beginners・Listening to the Gong・Getting to Know Your Gong・Learning to Recreate the Sounds・How the Instruments Work Together・Sweet Spots on the Gong・Listening to Other People Play Your Instruments・Soul - Integrating Life & Gong・Favorite Gong & Favorite Book・What is So Special About Gong・Ritual & Ceremony in Gong Tradition・Gongs Shifting Time・Placebo Effect Strength with Gong・Gong as Mirror・Gong as Drone Instrument・Creating New Instruments・Paranormal Experiences with Gong・Rosicrucianism・Numbers, Counting, & Time・Listen for the Pulses & Feel Them・ 


・History & Origins of Gong Instruments・Historical Evidence vs. Common Claims・Ancient Artworks & Texts with Gong References・Shields & Gongs・Basic Physics of Sound & Vibrations・Relaxed Position / Zero Points・Modes, Resonance Frequencies, & Overtones・Physics of Vibrating Membranes・Humps in Vibrating Membranes・Mallet Size & Mode Activation・Periodic Table of Groove・Gong Lessons / Demonstrations・Toning Stroke・Hand Patterns・Gong Size・Drones & Rolls・Volume Control & Dynamics・Basic Mallet Work・Quiet Playing・The Profound Benefits of Ultra-Quiet Practice・Movement Around Face of the Gong・Using Gong Pulsations as Natural Metronome・Deep Practice Toward Repeatability・Establishing New Sonic Floor with Drone Stroke・Adjusting Volume by Means of Stroke Tempo・Creating Training Games・Central Role of Listening・ 




・Beat Frequencies & Fibonacci Series・Spectrographic Analysis of Gong Samples in Iris Software Instrument・Listening to Details of Sound・Personal Evolution in How We Listen・Ear Cleaning - R. Murray Schafer・What is Noise?・Anechoic Chambers・If You Can Talk, You Can Play Music・Pauline Oliveros’ Tuning Meditation・How You Listen Affecting How You Play & Communicate・Overtone Ear Training・Tibetan Training・Darkness Meditation Retreats・Pingala・In-Utero Hearing・Bone Conduction & Hearing・Acoustical PsychoTherapy・BioFeedback for Deeper Listening Demo- Visualizing Beat Patterns of Himalayan Bowls・Demo- Tonality of Jim Doble Aluminum Gongs・ 


・Tone & Color・Practicing Separating Tone & Color Experience・Chromesthesia- Synesthetic Connections of Color & Sound・Wavelength & Frequency・Approaching Oneness States by Adding Awareness Layers & Reducing Awareness Layers・Person-to-Person Variations in Synesthesia・Relationships between Light Color & Musical Notes・Rhythmic Independence Practice・Musical Touch & Tonality・Gong Types, Musical Coloring, & Expression・Wood Blocks & Various Mallets・Timbre & Attack of Wood・Bull Roarers & Stories of the Maori & Navajo・Taking Care with Sacred Instruments・Innocence・Homework- Find Some New Sounds to Dig・Walnuts in Himalayan Bowl・ 


・Acousmatic Theory・Working with Unseen Sound・Musique Concrète・Sound FX, Loops, & Pedals・Springs, Metal Sticks & Hammer Dulcimer Mallets on Gongs as Sound FX Example・Making One Thing Sound Like Another・Microphone as Audio Microscope・Sound as a Collage・Parallel Evolution of Technology & Music・Importance of Using Microphones・Microphone as an Ally・Spectral & Stereoscopic Analysis of Various Sounds・Seeing is Hearing・Stories of Remixed Ghost Dance Recordings・Blindfolded Sound Experiences・Exploring Sound FX・Imitating Animal Sounds & Elemental Sounds with Vox & Instruments・Invoking Wind with Sound・Sounds the People Have Never Heard・Sounds of Found Objects・Sonambient Instruments by Harry Bertoia・Stretching the Imagination・Scientific Explanation of How Microphones & Speakers Work・ 


・Announcement of Season 4 & Gong Summit・Happy Summer Solstice・Product-Driven Sound Healing Information・Divisions in the Pythagorean Brotherhood・Bending History to Lead to Products・Incommensurability & Death Sentence of Hippasus・Introduction to ASMR with Spectral Analysis・Using a Microphone as an Instrument・Mic Placement・Super-Subtle Sounds・Electronic vs. Acoustic Sounds・Vinyl vs. Digital・”Pre-ASMR” ASMR・Direction of Play & its Effects upon Listener・Stories of  Singing Bowls & Magnetism Experiments・Spectral Analysis Demo of Various Electronic Sounds・Experiments with Sound & Light to Synthesize Sense of Levitation・Mysterious Mitch Adventure Tales・Legends of Tibetan Sound Magic・Power of Belief・Experimenting with Mic Placement・ 



・Pythagorean History & Myths・Hippasus・Lysis・Incommensurables・Pythagoras’ Severn-Year Darkness Retreat & Rebirth Announcement・Spectral Analysis of Crystal Bowls & Comparison with Himalayan Bowls・Creating Your Own Unique Music Notations・Instrument Materials, Timbre, & Choosing the Right Sound for the Right Expression・Freedom to Play non-Nickel-Silver Gongs・Insider Info on Gong Metals・Going Into the Sound・Melting Into the Instrument・Tactile Playing・Being One with the Music・Yogic Life & Its Relationship with Your Music・Fortification of the Will・Imbuing the Sound with Your Life・Relaxing into the Sound・The Musical Life・Music Everywhere・ 


・Exciting Announcement: Season 4 Will Begin with Himalayan Singing Bowl Week・Origins of Contemporary Gong Culture・Nesta Kerin Crain・Featured Guests of Gong Summit Online・Christopher Tree・Don Conreauz・A Few of Thomas’ Principles of Sound Healing・First… Do No Harm・Principle of Self-Similarity・Hermetic Principle・Self-Healing Principle・Potential Dangers of Tactile Singing Bowl Applications, or Lack Thereof・Duke’s Wheel of Health・Integrative Medicine・Bogus Mystery School Claims・Direct Experience vs. Wishful Thinking・Apostates・Sacred Responsibility to Guard School from Misinformation・Actively Filtering Incoming Information・Short Life & the Importance of Finding the Simplest Effective Approaches・Importance of Kindness・John Coltrane’s Musical Wisdom Philosophy・Opportunities for Growth・Inevitable Change・Continual Learning・The Gift of Time・Story of Passing a Kidney Stone in Response to Tactile Singing Bowl Application・Apophenia・Unique Individual Triggers・Treating Yourself & Others as Delicately as a Newborn Infant・Story of the Classic Ultra-Triggered Client・Tale of the Pulse-Reading Tibetan Lama & the Dying Hypochondriac・Tale of the Peruvian Shaman Whistling Vessels & Triggered Participant・Babylonian Cuneiform Tablets & Earliest Records of Sound-Music Therapy・Al-Farabi- “The Second Teacher”・All Musicians are Doctors… & all Doctors should be Musicians・The New Cycle of Acoustic Scientists・Using Sound to Lead Others to the Entry Point・Nurturing Bodhicitta: Doing All You Do for the Benefit of All Beings・Check Yourself・ 


・Mystery Instruments in Each Episode of Season 4・Legally Obtaining Rare Instruments & Archeological Artifacts・Authentic vs. Replications・A Few More of TOA’s Principles of Sound Healing・Symbiotic Sound Integration・Principle of Relativity・No-Boundary Principle・Principle of Humility・Correspondence & Symbiosis・Musical Fluidity・Tonal Center・Weight of a Note・Working in Different Octaves・Music as a Transmission… a Gift of Communication・Music as Bridge between Waking & Sleeping States・Passion of the Musician・Effective Role of the Room & Setting・Experimental Music of the Sound Healing Scene・Creating Games & Experimental Meditations・Self-Care Practices・Body Shaking Practices・”You can fill a Universe with what I don’t Know.” -MT・Exploration of Unique Shawn Aceto Gong・Sonic Character of Stainless Steel・Exploring Points on the Gong Face・Gong Technique & Sound Quality Variations Demo・Muting Strokes・Exploring the Nuances of a New Instrument・Guiding Improvisational Musical Choices by Attending the Nuances・Deep Listening Indicated by the Instrument “Speaking to You”・Replacing “Sound” with “Acoustics”・Changing the Dialogue・Secret Lessons & Blessed Exchanges with Terrifying Master Teachers・Taking Refuge in the Practice・Tales of SERIOUS Teachers・



• Science of Sound Week (episode 1 of 3)• The Scientific Method • What is Science? • Posing the Right Questions • Non-Quantitative Data • Central Role of Aesthetics / Feelings in Sound Work • Formulating & Testing Hypotheses • Importance of the Science of Sound • Thinking Like a Scientist • Delusion of Science Endangering Intuition • Inappropriate Use of Science • Harmonizing Science & Creativity • Mind-Matter Dualism • Materialism, Spiritualism, & Dualism • Using Science in Your Personal Sound Work • Science Expanding Artistic Perceptions • Materials & Tuning • Counter-Intuitive Realizations through Science • Returning to the Fundamentals • Two Primary Components of Musical Instruments: Oscillators & Resonators •  Decay of Oscillations • Gong as a Sound Mirror • Sound Coloration • Resonance Modes / Frequencies • Sound Directionality • Overtone Flutes • Human Attunement to Harmonic Sounds • Whisper Drone • Close Listening • Microphone Placement for Gongs • Spectral Analysis of Shakuhachi & Native American FLutes • Physics of Flutes • Harmonics Series & Musical Notes • Sound Synthesis from Sine Waves • Ubiquitousness of Sine Wave • Circle-Cycle •  


Science of Sound Week (episode 2 of 3)• 


Science of Sound Week (episode 3 of 3)• 



















• Eight Elements of Being Sound Becoming Sound •  Various Approaches to Dividing the Self • Feeling Oneness & Wholeness In the Entire Body • Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Kung Fu, & Wholeness • Shaking • Sound Silence Sound • Structuring Sound Bath • Arabic Music & Movement • Tibetan Conception of Soul as “Glue” • Tibetan Conception of Meditation as “Presence” • Playing & Dancing with the • Silence • Richard Feynman • Silence Between The Sound ·  Silence Within Sound • Profound Silence • Intervals- Space between the Notes & Overtones • Practicing Blindfolded • Silence as a Sound Object within Composition & Performance • Letting the Instrument Lead You •  


•Purposelessness • Taoist Philosophy • Zen Philosophy • Alan Watts • Tao Te Ching • Sound Work without Intention • Creating  Entry Points • Results without Purpose • Quotations on Music from Beethoven & Coltrane • The Importance of Purpose in Music • Purposeful Practice, Performance, & Composition • Purposelessness vs. Purposefulness… the Paradox • Traditional Restrictions Regarding When to Play Tingshas • Attitude & Conduct • Doing So for Others • Self-Evidence of Right Attitude & the Mystery of Right Conduct • Your Conceptions Make Your Condition •   


• Time Travel • Einstein • Axiom • Mind-Matter Dualism • Language • Materialism-Dualism-Spiritualism Spectrum • Tuvan Shamanism • Non-Conceptualism • Mind & Heart • Music as Entry Point into Non-Conceptual States • Dzogchen Practice- “Where is the I?” • Bankei Zen • Recognizing Attachment to the Concept of Non-Conceptual States & then Detaching • The Value of Teaching Nothing • Observer-Universe Continuity Spectrum- from UnAware Mystical State to Self-Aware Mystical State • Crossing the Great Water- To Keep Your Raft or Leave It • Tibetan Yoga Practices • Self-Annihilation Ritual of Chud Tradition •  


• Topic • Gratitude • Conception & Non -Conception • Dimensions • Dimensions within Conceptions • Meta-Dimensions • Fixations • Moving from Dimensions between Conceptions & Non-Conceptions • Simple Exercises for Moving in the Non-Conceptual Direction • Playing 2 Gongs in Different Combinations & with Different Mallets • Temperature & Gongs • Different Mallets • Tone & Drone • Using Felt to Keep the Rope from Vibrating Against a Wind Gong • Playing sets of Gongs Vertically and Horizontally • Reductionist - Holistic Spectrum of Sound Healing • Gap of Discrepancy • Call to the People to Mix the Medicine • Paradiddle Drum Rudiment • R-L-R-R-L-R-L-L• 


•Wave Theory- Visual Review • Cycles • Harmonics in the Whisper Circle Game • Four “Faces” of Cycle- Unit, Helix, Circle, & Sine Wave • Oneness • Fourier Analysis • Sine Waves •  Mike’s Double-Wind-Gong Demo- Techniques & Approaches • Inspiration- How to Access & Nurture It • Inspiring Rhythmic Attention-Flow Practices • VELO- Voluntary Energetic Longitudinal Oscillation • MicroCosmic Orbit of Qi Gong •  


• Early Contemplations on Time • Does Time Exist? • Time Experiments • Being Present • Time Perception • Observation • Pattern Recognition • Memory of Previous Observations • Comparison: Observed vs Remembered • Flow of Time • Interference • Time Conception • Symbolic Representations •  Comparing Symbols • Conceived Dimension of Time • Perception vs Conception •  Fluid • Ephemeral • Personal • Conceived Time • Static • Reliable • Universal • Thinkers who explored time throughout history • Wheel of Life • Kalachakra  Ancient Wars • Primary Origins of Time • Patterns • Music that Does Not Repeat 


• Ikwan al Safa • The Essence of Time • The Rasa On Time • Relativity • Harmonics •  Time & Einstein’s Relativity • Breathing with Metronome • Gong Patterns & Time * Harmonics * Psychological Time • Zooming in & Out  


•Time: From the Royal Road to Time-Poverty• History of the Royal Road • Royal Road as a Time Machine • Hurry, Sickness, & Time-Poverty • Expanding & Contracting • Giant-Body Visualizations •  Marina Korsakova-Kreyn • Understanding Psychological Time • The Introduction of Clock Time • Cancer Rates Related to Time Consciousness • Stress & Clocks • Time as the Fundamental Aspect of Good Sound Work • Time Grids • Time Consciousness • Surrounded by Things • Zooming-In & Zooming-Out in Space-Time • TaKaDiMi- Traditional Indian Vocal Method for Learning Rhythms • Using TaKaDiMi System for 2-Hand Independence Practice Patterns • Applications to Gong • Reflecting on One’s Musical Evolution • In-Between Sounds & Time-Scales of Each Sound • Mike’s Time-Composition Exercise • Attending Our Time Perception • Learning How to Intentionally Alter Time Perception… for Both Yourself & Others •   


•  Hurry Sickness = Time Famine • Time Affluence • Speed & Creativity • Time as a Landscape • Expanding & Contracting Meditations • Focal Setting • Giant Body Visualizations • Golden Nectar Exercise • Rulebook for Your Imagination • Meetings with Tuvan Shaman • Big Dipper • Tonal Physician • Personal Timescape • Upaya- Skillful Method • Essential Quality • The Tonal Navigator • The Outer Bridge by Sun Ra • Berzin Archives • Thomas’ Father Exploring Music With Early Computers • Thomas’ Father Making Experimental Music With Data Patterns • Rhythmic Meters • Positive Effects of Sound Therapy without Consideration to Frequency • Playing the One Beat • Shifting Tempo • Shamanic Drumming • Playing 2 Beats Per Measure • Changing Tempos • Composing with Time-Constraints • The One-Minute Piece • Making Soundtracks • Composing to Visual Imagery • How Different Soundtracks Alter the Feeling of Visual Imagery • Checking Yourself • Benefits & Utility of Limitations & Constraints • Boundaries & Resonance • Boundaries, Beauty, Resonance, & Life • 


• Visualization • Visualizing Qi, Parana, Energy, Light • Visualizing in Therapeutic Sound Work • Effectiveness vs. Usefulness • Utility Value vs Reality Value • Bits of Wisdom from Buddhist Texts • Latent Tendencies • Nagarjuna • Dampening & Muting Techniques for Gong • Letting Go of False Limitations •  Using Gloves • Developing a Tactile Relationship with Your Instrument • Trying New Things • Dale Carnegie - The Art of Public Speaking as a Map for Soundwork • Arousing Emotion • The Listener’s Relationship with Sound • Emphasis • Real Feeling • Good Health • Practice & Test Your Argument• Lying • Imagination • Emphasis on Foundation • The Importance of Practice 


• Review of The Art of Public Speaking • Demons & Neuroses • Playing Confidence • Psychoacoustics • Otoacoustic Emissions • ASMR • Using Imagination to Widen the Field • Arousing Emotion in the Listener • Arousing the Sense of Marvel & Wonder • Intention & Egotism • Right Attitude & Right Conduct • Do So for Others- The Essential Right Attitude • Bombo- Shamanic Soundings • Chapter 64 of Tao Te Ching • Bass Drum & Cymbals Demonstration •  


•Q & A • Soundwork as a Shamanic Journey • Explanation of Traditional Shamanism • Modern/American Shamanism • Journeying • Out of Body Experiences • Concerts vs Journeys • Sound Baths • Does It Always Have to Be Healing? • High Weirdness • Moods • Waste Management • Early Bon Tradition • Madah • The Gift • Hafiz • Translating the Tao •  

• Continuing Explorations of the Madah • Oboe Rituals •Cinderella Pamir Mountains • Tao • Te * Wu Wei • Qi • Understanding Taoist Concepts by Means of Pendulum Analogy • History of Audio-Visual Presentations • Theater • Puppet-Music Shows • Magic Lantern • Audio-Visual Examples & Assignment •   


• Mountain Goat Cult of Bukhara • The Invocation of The Saints & Spirits • Sufism & Shamanism • Understanding Tao, Te, & Wu Wei in Terms of Pendulum & Chladni Patterns • Aeolian Wind Harps • Sound Work with Stringed Instruments • Open Strings • • Shroud of Turin • Boundaries, Patterns, & Resonance •  


•Special Guest- Jeff Coffin (Dave Matthews Band, Bela Fleck & the Flecktones) • Breath • Proper Breathing • Ornette Coleman • New Orleans • Roots Music • Delta Blues • Tatsuya Nakatani • Time • Subdivisions • Bells, Bells, & Bells • Himalayan Shamanic Incense Rituals •  Live Looping Demo • Improvisation •  The Kalasha • Himalayan Trade Route • Armenian Petroglyphs • Spread of Early Buddhism Out of India • Zirdan • Birth of Two Deities from Fire & Water •Zurvanism • God of Time • The Mystery of Golgotha • 


••Friction Mallets & Directions of Mallet Movement- Demo • Angular vs. Circular Movements • Good-Feeling-Music Assignment • Madah- Badakhshani Sung Poetry • Conference of the Birds • Dave Holland • Poetry Readings •Three of the Seven Valleys • Zen Koans •  Leslie Alexander Lacy • Alan Watts • Movement of Waves • Zen of Cliff-Jumping • Ibn Sina • Attar • The Zen of John Cage • Fluxus Art Movement •  


• The Stink of Zen • Chance Compositions • Zen & Art Experience • John Cage & Indeterminacy-Music • Absurdity in Music • Improvisation of the Mind • Koan-like Nazrudin Stories of Sufism • Freedom in Musical Expression & Experience • Homework: Find Your Humor • Hearing The Combined Laughter of the Entire Planet Within The Sound Om • Is the Universe Serious? • Is God Serious • What if God is Laughing • The Moment of Enlightenment • Allowing Meditation & Spirituality To Be Fun • The Artistic Process Over The Finished Product • Sound Healing Being The Process/The Experience • Humour in Music • Classic Hip Hop • Didgeridoo Playing/Laughing • The Heart Smile • Giggle Eyes • What Does a “Spiritual” Person Do? • Plato • Music of the Spheres • Myth of Ur • What Does a Shaman Look Like? • Meeting Sai Baba • The Attainment of Happiness • Quality • 10 Question Buddha Would Not Answer • Zen Warnings •